Nuclear expert: American insanity provokes us the beard is all-around counterattack timely finish unified great undertaking [1P]Came recently, sino-US relation warms up continuously, quick aggravation: Telangpu alleges do not eliminate to want to shut more Chinese diplomacy orgnaizations; The United States still abets Philippine, Australia, Vietnam put forward Nanhai dominion too; The United States is stationed in the consul general of Shanghai and other places to already left China recently, on 1000 diplomacy personnel that work in China all the year round also go back to the motherland early or late. Visible, sino-US already expanded battle of science and technology from trade war, development arrives in and other places of peninsula of Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Taiwan, Korea overall have a trial of strength is mixed bowstring. According to current condition, I am analysed next the United States is met extremely likely home remedy tear to shreds is Sino-US 3 combination bulletin, can restore the diplomatic relations with Taiwan and garrison, can reject clearly to remand 600 tons of gold of our country, can call official of China of course of study of the state-owend enterprise in pressing, punish further, drive out the Chinese media, consulate outside shutting more China to be stationed in breaks off a friendship with China even, and even in Nanhai assault. To this, kissinger of the high official before the United States is written recently civil say, “Sino-US relation is returned impossibly already again previously ” . The United States is challenged to China so, what are its strategy purpose and purpose? I think, because they feel angst and fear to rapid development of China,this is; Because they had answered home’s serious epidemic situation feebly,be, because unappeasable common people objects the popular indignation of the colour bar,be; Because,be more once Telangpu loses an election and ineluctability the law that embezzles corruption to him is chased after duty. The insanity t0769桑拿论坛hat faces the United States is provoked, we must not yield an inch, give tit for tat undertakes striking back: It is to desertion illusion, struggle stoutly. We must everything checks complete slam the door American one’s own wishful thinking, the United States never has wanted to want to mix China ” double win ” . They are in what released on December 18, 2017 early ” strategy of American state security reports ” in, call China clearly ” revisionist ” country, number one ” fictitious enemy ” and ” strategic competitor ” ; Two great political parties of American reach all circles assemblyman, it is full is passed and support of your kind effort is adopted to China all the time be hostile to footing; Pass war of trade of the first phase, the United States already earned tax payment of 500 much dollars from China; Next, no matter who be,be elected as American president, its are hostile to Chinese footing won’t be changed! 2 be must all-around counterattack. On diplomacy, should grasp an opportunity, timely announce recall is stationed in beautiful ambassador, do not await them to announce to break off foreign relations with me; Publicly, want to attack it佛山桑拿夜蒲网s vital part, especially the corrupt corrupt problem of main to its official should hit out actively, cannot again and again passivity is received action; On commerce, timely announce abolition ” Sino-US agreement of trade of classics of the first phase ” , cancel all produce order, cut off passageway of Sino-US imports and exports; On the military affairs, be in when adventitious the East China Sea, Nanhai or maneuver of thing of stage transgression march. 3 it is to establis佛山按摩论坛0757最新h dare call the belief that surely win. Review the history, from war of liberation up to now, my army Ceng Duo second as direct as the United States or indirect had hit battle, china never is hit had been defeated. Be being compared with American photograph currently is each has his strong point, we should foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, find o佛山桑拿按摩论坛飞机网ut enemy soft costal region makes its vital part, effort capturing strategy counterpoises actively. 4 it is timely finish emancipatory Taiwan great undertaking. In the martial fight of each strategy direction, taiwan question is the biggest, involve national core increase, also be American old handicap our key. We should grasp an opportunity, according to best fight plan, motherland of determined and decisive implementation is unified; Each preparation that after doing battle at the same time, administers to the stage. 5 it is to maintain the strategy to decide force, do not have dance along with the United States. Current, the United States hopes we are in most at the same time accept a challenge, passivity handles many way; To this we must cool-headed, hold main contradiction and main way closely, according to ” hurt its 10 point to be inferior to pointing to firstly ” tactics, capture enemy crucial point gives death warrant! The 6 allied country that are United States of admonitory follow closely reach power. We 佛山按摩论坛0757最新answer timely announce, the country that to any assistance the United States violates Chinese interest absolutely not light forgive, state retain the power that undertakes to its anticipate the enemy is hit. State retain the power that undertakes to its anticipate the enemy is hit.. This card is final by Zaozenq at 2020-7-27 22:52 editors2 editorsThe card that searchs more photograph to involve a subject:Nuclear expert Grading records this note recentlyHazisis1Gold coin+ 4Hair post is painstaking! 2020-7-28 16:31