Restore cruise to be less than date of Si Fu of two weeks of U.S. Army collect aircraft carrier crash of plane of a carrier-borneRestore job of cruise of executive military affairs ” Luo Sifu ” date machine of a carrier-borne is in aircraft carrier Philip佛山禅城夜总会pine sea crash. According to American navy society news website will report on June 18, “Luo Sifu ” date machine of carrier-borne of a F/A-18F is in aircraft carrier Philippine sea crash, air man parachute is rescued. The report says, this carrier-borne machine is carrying out convention to train the task at that time, save by MH-60S helicopter after air man parachute case, the investigation of specific accident cause has spread out. A statement points out American navy, “‘ Luo Sifu ‘ two air man that the medical treatment group of aircraft carrier has to be being saved undertook date the body is checked and be evaluated, at present air man in order. At present air man in order.. The date of official socialization Zhang of American navy and Pacific Ocean fleet will release graph article information on June 5, “Luo Sifu ” aircraft carrier is in date after Guam 佛山沐足网站A general pulls naval port to do brief halt to stay, had gone to sea again,佛山按摩论坛0757最新 return deploy task, continue to be in India – Pacific Area deploy. On March 24, “Luo Sifu ” diagnose佛山天天新论坛 of on aircraft carrier naval vessel 3 people affects number new coronal virus, number of after this diagnose increases gradually, th成都品茶自带工作室is aircraft carrier in March the bottom arrives at Guam berth, suspend deploy task. Website of naval society news is newest the news that announce shows, american navy is in at present on the west too area deploy ” Luo Sifu ” date and ” Reagan ” date two aircraft carrier, “Nimitz ” number has not appeared in at present on the west too area. Grading records this note recentlyHazisis1Gold coin+ 3Hair post is painstaking! 2020-6-21 20:04