The July 7 Incident of 1937 83 years: Always conceive martyr, engrave history, revitalize China! Today is the July 7 Inc佛山飞机网论坛2020ident of 1937 83 years, turned over card forum to be like wood to have mention, reason sends Tie Yiyong to conceive martyr, engrave history, revitalize China! Get on a few pieces to end inspected conduct propaganda pursues firstExamined a data, before having an analysis emergency of Sino-Japanese battle forceFrom July 7, 1937 Japan erupts to be invaded in the round China after the war, in 2 years of short time, the China with big Nuo (Biriben reachs land number is decuple) fall into enemy hands almost almost is used up. The national government at that time, face powerful and fierce Japan, be obliged to use ” the space changes time ” plan, and use ” from incomplete ” means, execute ” ravages of war ” policy, wait from mouth of garden of scamper Yellow River. Do not have one of main reasons of good plan painstakingly at that time, it is military strength six to one. When modern of no less than is pondering over reason of failure of Sino-Japanese 1894 the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895, have a variety of reasons but investigate, but if pure observe from martial technology angle, in hot enginery time, the fogyism of armament is to bring about be defeated of navy of the Qing Dynasty name for the coastal provinces of Liaoning is the directest at that time reason. It is with naval vessel artillery piece only exemple, at that time, day navy combines a fleet to equiping to be able to launch the quick-firer of artillery shell of 10 much hair inside 1 minute in great quantities, and artillery shell is backfill to wear more the height that can melt even iron and steel is spirited dynamite, turn over Guan Qingjun to equiping to fire the vintage gun of 1 hair artillery shell in 10 minutes of ability, and artillery shell is played for the actual strength that won’t explode more, fail, already was in prewar be destined. Initial stage of war of resistance against aggression, the actual strength of Guo Junjun equipment at that time is why such? 1The person that has knowledge a bit to day mordern history knows, from 1905 Japan and tsarist Russia are opposite Ma Haixia after one battle, japanese exemple will in army respect regard main rival as tsarist Russia, navy regards the United States as main rival. Accordingly, the field prepares in military strength, also be high starting point. Be in early 1907 Japan bright treat what make 40 years ” guiding principle of Caesarean national defence ” in, to cope with tsarist Russia east into, japan thinks place of its national defence requires minitary force, army is war should achieve 50 division (at ordinary times 25 division) , navy divides pair of Russia to undertake fighting beyond, emphasize pair of beautiful combat readiness to amount to 500 thousand tonnage for naval ships (88 fleets) . 1917, tsarist Russia erupts revolution, established Soviet socialism republic on December 30, 1922 (Russia) , while the first Five-Year Plan that began 1928 in its gains a success, strengthened the armament of Russia Red Army, to 1931, had had 1.09 million ground force, become at that time the most powerful ground force on the world, 1932, russia finished the 2nd Five-Year Plan ahead of schedule, to 1936, russia Red Army already was amounted to 1.6 million, at the same time equipment realizes the modernization that looks at that time. 1933, russia is outer Mongolia and arrange of upside of northeast border land 30 snipe division, added 40 snipe division 1935, 1937, strengthen as a result of what Siberia railroad carries ability, the minitary force that Japan estimates to Su Jun fights can achieve 50 snipe division. Look in Japan, the Russia armament at that time already preceded greatly Japan, those who broke military strength of day, Su Jian is balanced, be in especially respect of air force actual strength, six to one. 2For this, japan is adversary with Russia all the time, prepare actively for augment armament, think day revive once battle, the Japanese army must throw force of land, sea, empty battle, be opposite with powerful Su Jun definitely. On June 3, 1936, japan decides to be opposite revive fight ” creed of resort to arms ” in, “Army should beat the field in Wu Su quickly above all enemy, especially air force force and navy cooperate with. Be in charge of razziaing with necessary military strength each important place such as riverside salt Si De. Pressing, beat elegant river of cloth Lie Yahe and knot each are downstream area and go in for sth in a large scale of An Ling respect enemy. Thereafter, beat Lun Beier breathes out to the south of Lake Baikal in the west of the area enemy. In the meantime, navy should defeat the team of enemy war ship in far east quickly, russia of control far east is belonged to coastal. Birch of naval and occupational north too (library page island) , birch is too thither and each strategic point that disaster examine increases peninsula respect ” . The strong this shows of Japanese military strength one spot. In December 1936, call together in day army ministry army, on conference of division chief of staff, revealed to the person that attend the meeting ” armament enrichs plan outline ” . At that time, such as belongs to martial secret like this kind of content and the thing that communicates downward before the budget has not decide, unprecedented. Do so, because Japan plans to realize this one preparedness as soon as possible,be, achieve ” the army and the people is consistent ” , the need of public opinion of guidance of in order to. This plan with serving as the first year 1937, budget of its military expenditure is, “Reorganize and outfit of equipment of goods and materials expends 900 million yen, weapons equipment improvement expends -697379968 yen, contented home aviation, air defence expends -2132139904 yen, war things repairs cost 10 million yen, aggregate four hundred million and ten yen, add northeastern east of Shanhaiguan army about -1384759936 yen, add up to makes an appointment with seven hundred and eighty-seven thousand four hundred and eighty-eight yen ” , be in Japanese government Lin Xi gets approving on meeting of 10 man cabinet at that time. In the meantime, day navy begins from 1937, in original already undertook 2 times ” contented equipment ” on the foundation, begin the 3rd more giant compensatory plan. Be worth what carry is, to ” the July 7 Incident of 1937 ” when erupting, the gold good money that Japanese bank lays in, include to issue soft reserve, add up entirely also just -2132039904 yen. Japanese militarism to realize armament, started a war to already arrived to fling caution to the winds degree. 31930, erupted the Central Plains big fight between Jiang Jieshi and hill of Feng Yuxiang, stannum thing gate of a lane, it is the dimensions on Chinese mordern history the biggest, time-consuming the longest warlord battle royal, with Zhang Xueliang the division with picked brandish is garrisoned into inside Shanghaiguan finally north smooth, Tianjin and ending. However, book hereat, 1931 ” 918 emergency ” later, japanese beat easily is northeast 4 provinces. 1931 ” emergency ” hind, national government still is being fought to unite complete China. When, the Guangxi of the Guangdong of the Shandong of Yan Xishan’s Shanxi, Han Fuju, Chen Jitang, Li Zongren, Song Zhe yuan the boundless blessing that smooth ferry, Heibei saves the Yang Hu of Lin, Shaanxi the city each are occupied, each does what he thinks is right. Accordingly, going up somehow, can say the Chinese army at that time is the private army of warlord all the time, no matter its work out, equipment, training is to be in inferior level, with Japanese aggressor troops a dozen break down, break down to escape with respect to ground of all over the mountains and plains. In the meantime, finance income looks in the center of at that time, with was 1936 exemple, only nine yen (it is an unit with yen to be calculated) , not as good as at that time 2/3 Japanese. More important is, the field is created in the weapon, national government can produce small firearm and its ammunition only at that time, chariot, cannon, plane relies on an entrance. All at that time a little advanced weapon is input from Germany, martial advisory body also is German. 1936 Germany and Japan were signed ” day heart is prevented in all agreement ” later, it is difficult that national government wants to buy advanced weapon from Germany again. Accordingly, when comprehensive war of resistance against aggression, at that time although militia is so-called have normal ground force 2 million military strength, but divide again for 369 etc, the army of direct line of descent that is like Jiang Jieshi, in the center of local army is adapted and will become collateral line army, still have after ending till war of resistance against aggression, also did not delimit Jiang Jieshi is regulatory the place below army. Outside removing ground force, the navy of national government is in at that time prewar plan 70 thousand tons (the) such as 8 gunboat of 26 3 2 cruiser, chaser, gunboat, 13 inland river, torpedo boat, include 4 naval forces (the first fleet is coastal fleet, the 2nd fleet is fleet of the Yangtse River, the 3rd fleet is former northeast army naval, the 4th fleet is former Guangdong army Chen Jitang is naval) , each naval ships not only shabby, and power is very little, at best can be in only coastal or Jiang He is taken hold the position of guard just, biff can’ts bear before powerful Japanese navy, form with at notting have. Air force is when war of resistance against aggression of Shanghai of first time Song (1932) did not attend a war, keep out of the way comes rear save, when coming to fought day to erupt in the round 1937, can use at the plane of actual combat, countrywide estimation is 100 control to 150, more deadly is, him China cannot make an aircraft at that time, destroy little, so that air de2020佛山按摩论坛fence force exists in name only. 4On put together knowable, “The July 7 Incident of 1937 ” before, the strength at one that Japan moves the throughout the country is invaded China, chinese name unified fact eachs does what he thinks is right; Japan begins from 1925 ” neat armament ” , china still was undertaking warlord battle royal with bolo 1930; Japan devotes oneself to a weapon all the time (include plane, naval ships and boat) undertake homebred change, the China at that time can produce small firearm only; Japan is the wind of conquer of midday of armour considering hold something under the arm all the time, acute meaning is attacked and right China be meaning in must, national government is to be retreated retreat again, it is first ” agreement of Song Shanghai truce ” , ” agreement of pond buy truce ” , of afterwards ” He Mei agreement ” , ” original agreement of fertilizer of Qin Dechun, earth ” wait, arrived to be able to remove a condition without the road finally. From July 7, 1937 Japan is invaded in the round China, come to razziaed on December 13, 1937 Chinese capital is executed at that time very cruel ” Nanjing massacre ” , short the four boundaries of a piece of land or a construction site inside 5 months, japan can be killed from north south, from hit on the west east, all without exception has made a variety of preparation with its closely related. From July 13, 1937 the first time inside Japan is tightened choppy member begin, of the same age will undertake the 2nd times arousing on August 10, undertook the whole nation arouses several ti佛山夜生活论坛飞机网mes subsequently, inside short time, come from the attune inside Japan group of nearly 30 division, aviation amounts to gross 50 squadron (except of army of east of Sha佛山桑拿按摩论坛飞机网nhaiguan) , and of cartridge of all weapons, military supplies, artillery shell, machine make the preparation with ship vessel, it is almost finish inside short time. In the war of resistance against aggression of Shanghai of the 2nd Song that began on August 13, 1937, china throws 71 division the military strength of 750 thousand (more than Kuomintang is picked at that time army 60% ) , however, still be defeated in order to be over and end, and all fronts breaks down. The Feng Yuxiang of front commander in chief at that time plaints say, “This is furnace of a conflagration simply, minitary force of a division is cast, leave a class in an instant. Leave a class in an instant.. Later, the country learns Great Master Na Huaijin filming documentary ” go rear area ” when, ground of feel sad of all without exception is recollected so, “After overthrowing full Qing Dynasty, our weapon did not develop all the time, civil war had not been broken, the weapon is no good, not be to won’t be hit. We sufferred a defeat on battlefield, the spirit that is not a Chinese is no good, also not be physical ability be no good, it is a weapon not as good as family. The family wants to hit, hit with tank vehicle, emmagee, we use bolo, the gun before wood is being hit. ” the importance of equipment is self-evident. Armament lags behind and play the extemporaneous lesson that battles place causes blood, cannot call not deep. Lessons drawn from others’ mistakes, the division 成都品茶自带工作室of funeral affairs. The division of funeral affairs.. This card is final by Ster0ids at 2020-7-7 22:51 editor1 editorGrading records this note recentlyHazisis1Gold coin+ 5Hair post is painstaking! 2020-7-8 20:51