Arrived 1949 now, my army ever had been hit with 20 countries battle, what is there? Have 5 neighbour among themFound a state from 1949 till now, my army once had been hit with 20 countries battle, the likelihood also meets some people feel here exclaim, because China is a big country that has deep love for peace, we had been hit with so multilateral home really battle, if be true, who are these 20 countries respectively? Actually, when new China just holds water, located international environment is not so good, because,also be such, in very long period of time we are preparing for war and spend in the war, among them more 5 neighbour and we produced conflict, from inside this we also can see new China has after all from the development that holds water to now how hard. Above all for the War to Resist Us Aggression and Aid Korea that was 1950, this war at will erupting in October in those days, arrive all the time on July 27, 1953, both sides signed on truce agreement, two years the War to Resist Us Aggression and Aid Korea of 9 0 months announces last a period of time end. And our country can participate in this war, main reason also is because of the United States the behavior at that time had endangered China, it is to be in to the aid of Korea so must. Those who need an attention is, although we are in in that war basically fight the object is the United States, in can besides the United States still a lot of countries also participate in his. According to statistic, in that war, the state that joins battlefield and our country to fight early or late has: Federal of the United States, Korea, Canada, Australia, France, New Zealand, Holand, Thailand, Greek, Turkey, south Africa, Philippine, England, Belgian, Luxembourg, Colombia, Ethiopia 17 countries. After this war, we are to want to rest originally unripe raise breath, but do not wish along with the person. 1962, to imprinting defend oneself strikes back battle erupts, and because India wants to inbreak all the time,the reason that this war erupts also is our country southwest is do广州桑拿网蒲友论坛manial, this made me intolerable just choose battle so. Mix in those days Indian battle when I am more careful, after all the leader that the India at that time is the third world, but let holder only then makings do not is the war begins from October 20, end basically on November 21, in this war we are hit into Xin Deli in the capital heart India, this also left deep psychological shadow to India. Was 1969 next Zhenbao Island battle, this battle and other warlike photographs are not older than dimensions, but our country is hit however shake with fear, because the adversary at that t佛山足疗酒店ime is Russia,this basically is. Russia inbreaked 1969 our country Zhenbao Island and made a surprise attack to patrol personnel, because this is forced to strike back,China also is, as to final result nature it is Chinese triumph, in crossing this to also be brought about revive the relation worsens further, because this spent a paragraph of quite nervous time,China is more. It is the war between we and Vietnam next, what the enemy of affection love hate between China and Vietnam also comparatives is complex. Vietnam this co长沙桑拿SN夜蒲狼友论坛untry is opposite for it is difficult to still consider much calamity much, they are France of face a江门0750snwt last first inbreak, it is the United States next, won a victory in these two wars nevertheless. But those who need an attention is, when Vietnam and France and United States fight, china also had the aid of certain level, and our aid is jumped over to seeming north at that time, fight the object is Na Yue. Because,also be such, two countries is jumped over to had had a paragraph of honeymoon period in, until in revive the relation is exasperate, vietnam chose Russia, so in jump over the relation nature between also subsequently inflexible. This also was brought about strike back to jumping over defend oneself the outbreak of battle, according to not complete count, from 1974~1978 year, vietnam was made 3398 cases in our country border land provoke incident, from inside this we also can see China be driven beyond forbearance really to the war of Vietnam. On Feburary 17, 1979, the People’s Daily published a report, and what this also opened a battle is prelusive, the time of add of whole battle refuse to give in is very short, from the time that beginning to end is a month nevertheless, but the capi佛山桑拿飞机网tal that we made Vietnam directly however, this made Vietnam new realise the strength gap between two countries. The place on put together is narrated, anew China holds water to now we had had warlike experience with 20 countries really, and what there is neighbour concern with China among them in this is: Russia, Korea, Philippine, India and Vietnam. Grading records this note recentlyHazisis1Gold coin+ 4Hair post is painstaking! 2020-6-23 18:14