If the United States resumes nuclear test, how does China do? On June 8, hua Chunying is on press conference of routine of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, appeal United States is scrupulouslied abide by prohibit in the round the acceptance of nuclear test, this is to be aimed at the United States to considering to exit of course ” prohibit in the round nuclear test treaty ” . Although be in the United States home, also there is no lack of the sound that objects exiting, but Telangpu loves to retreat group, all along not because of object sound and abandon acting wilfully, experiment of American extensive check is very real possibility. If the United States resumes nuclear test, how does China do? ” prohibit in the round nuclear test treaty ” it is cold war after the end army control production. International negotiation began in Geneva 1993, 1996 text protocol, pass in the the United Nations General Assembly, the same year is open sign. ” prohibit in the round nuclear test treaty ” regulation, signatory does not get an in any way, in any places (include underwater, ground, underground, sky to counteract aerospace) undertake the nucleus explodes experiment. This is the crucial safeguard that prevents nuclear proliferation, because any nuke research and development need nuclear test finally,come might of test and verify. Theoretical calculation model is a framework only, need real data to decide model parameter accurately. The real data of nuclear test has nuclear country to won’t be offerred, not be in a position of the country that do not have a nucleus is gotten, want to had crossed nuclear threshold so, only oneself have nuclear test. To the country of nuclear doorsill is being entered first, nuclear test is a bank that does not circle the past. This was on January 27, 1951 Neihuada the first time nucleus of nuclear test field explodes, here has Cheng of a hour of cars only from Las VegasPollute to environmental nucleus to decrease, after first nuclear test, the nuclear power basically turns into subterranean nuclear test, this is Nevadan nuclear testThe United States signed pact, but United States Congress had be notted approve. Israel is same also. China is the earliest autograph makes an appointment with one of countries, countrywide National People’s Congress had be notted approve likewise. India and Pakistan were not signed, although Nihelu offerred a country above all 1954,border society ought to conclude prohibit in the round nuclear test treaty. Korea also was not signed. Treaty regulation, the 44 nucleuses country that includes afore-mentioned countries and nuclear doorsill country are signed entirely, the 180th da0757广州桑拿夜生活论坛y when approve and submit pact begins go into effect, go up in the technology so, ” prohibit in the round nuclear test treaty ” never become effective. But international society has formed potential consensus, any states that break contraindication and have nuclear test can be condemned. Korea is such, although was not signed,make an appointment with, get after 6 nuclear test the severe condemnation of international society and economic punish. China had a series of nuclear test thick and fast before the autograph is made an appointment with, it is for the last time before two months are arranged in the autograph, also bore very great international pressure. But the nucleus plays use radioactivity data have half-life, after passing period of time, drop to might should have clear knowledge, want to prevent a nucleus to play the problem of ageing invalidation especially. Grenade became dumb the likelihood wants a the dead, the nucleus is played dumb the likelihood is about a conquered nation. Be in theoretic, the half-life of nuclear material is foregone, but production quality, store conditional difference will be influential, and in longer fall with actual condition in time, whether can be quickened somewhat damply or decelerate, this also is to need a nucleus to explode of ability test and verify. The history of radioactivity science does not grow actually, the nuclear data with shorter half-life is easy still and accurate determine, half-life a few years (be like tritium, 12 years) arrive tens of thousands of years (like plutonium 239, 24000) , need to just can determine accurately more for long, need to explode through actual nucleus especially will affirm. “Trident D5 ” go shoot intercontinental missile to be able to carry 8 bigger W88 (455 thousand tons of equivalent) or 14 lesser W76 (9-10 plays ton of equivalent) nuclear warheadExtensive check explodes the ageing level of existing to test and verify nuke is crucial, new-style to development nuclear weapon is mainer. Nuke is from large-scale kill and wound a weapon to begin. Be in 60 time beauty revive nucleus the peak times of armament race, beautiful Su Jing develops the nucleus with greater and greater power to play, especially the h-bomb of super might. But after entering 80 age, the nucleus plays might to multiple warhead turns the tide with miniaturization, pay attention to usability and economy more, after all the extract of material of weapon class nucleus is very costly. This need builds a model accurately to nuclear explosion, but the times that this still is a large number of nuclear test, model of conditional accurate desired result. Enter 21 centuries, nuke development entered farther small equivalent to spend a period, nuke begins to regard the face injure of the weapon of assault fortified positions that exceeds power and tactical class as the weapon, and the action desalt that destroys large population and economic center. E.g. , part ” trident ” go after the W76 nucleus that fires intercontinental missile plays small equivalent to change, might reduces 6000 tons from 100 thousand tons of original equivalent. Because carry,providing still is strategical, cannot say this is tactical nuke, but the strategic nuke that has gone up with traditional sense is disparate. This also is not the smallest equivalent nuke, still have a few tons equivalent. Not be to say large-scale the effect that kill and wound is not main, however this problem has been solved, continue to emphasize affecting the actual combat sex of nuke. The tactical nuke of the least power may be this nucleus that the name is David Crockett prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan without recoil, warhead equivalent has 10-20 only ton, cannon-shot 2-4 kilometer, with Yu Zaifu Er amounts to mountain pass nick to attack the Russia tank of Western EuropeSmall equivalent nuke is not nuke of 50-60 time tactics is simple anabiosis, however by use nuke but control upgrades in the nucleus the new idea below the doorsill drives. Nuclear country uses the word of small equivalent nuke to be not nuclear country, unless came in the nuclear ally drag in of the other side, do not have the problem that the nucleus upgrades otherwise. But the comprehensive and mutual destruction that whether nuclear attack involves to upgrade automatically to the superlative degree between nuclear country, this is open to question. No matter be what war, the purpose is battle forever and get the better of, is not mutual destruction. Ensure mutual destruction is mutual deterrence, is not everybody has suicidal tendency. In have ensure ruined safeguard falls, hit crucial target with the small equivalent nuclear weapon that has sense of clear military affairs, can cause enough harm, but be apart from comprehensive destruction to still have very large space, not block up is afterwar restore, it is possible control under the doorsill in mutual destruction. Pots and pans jumps over much country, the more such. In fact, lowest is equivalent the groovy weapon of small equivalent nuke and the greatest power is already enough close, can regard the groovy weapon of especially big might, because this has actual combat sense. At least this is the academic basis that nuke small equivalent changes. In this theory falls, underground or the good cause inside hill body (place of cover of submarine of library of airport of library of base of command center, oil depot, ammunition depot, missile, hole, hole) the first selection target that is small equivalent nuke. These order level spend consolidate, although get ground bomb with overweighting convention,also destroy hard. Aircraft carrier is so special the super battleship of consolidate is same also, bomb佛山夜网养生 of 9 heavy pounds or missile scores a hit already very difficult bombard and sink, but be hit by nuke of a small equivalent, not was concerned about. On the other hand, army of base of missile of the airport, air defence, naval port, armor builds up such honor award needs the land a large number of groovy ammo ability are destroyed, also contrast economy with small equivalent nuke. Do not cross this and nuke of tactics of one’s early years use had differred not far. Between the nuclear power, contemporary nuke already basically h-bomb was changed, radiation and radioactivity are infected with inferior, neutron bomb is more ” free from contamination ” . This is not nuke ” humane change ” , however radiation and radioactivity are infected with the energy that is wasteful nuclear explosion, use as martial blow also gets effective too slow, actually ” horrible effect ” be more than martial action. “Go horror is changed ” also be in theoretic make the actual combat of s佛山夜生活论坛飞机网mall equivalent nuke uses a threshold lower, spark the threshold that the nucleus upgrades is higher. The nuclear material that small equivalent nucleus plays need is little, but design challenge is taller instead. Nuclear explosion needs nuclear material to achieve or exceed critical mass ability to spark chain reaction. After the nucleus plays might miniaturization, the nuclear material of need is less, need special measure ability to assure to exceed critical mass. Much feed a machine brings about might too tall, exceeded small equivalent meaning, but nuclear material is not worth and became dud, the question is bigger. The nucleus of medium above might is played do not have such problem instead. On the other hand, neutron bomb kills and wound effective strength with neutron shedding, but bow wave, heat radiation and radioactivity are infected with very low. The nucleus that serves as electromagnetism pulse bomb in order to exceed intensity radiate technically to use is played is more explode the nucleus energy concentration is measured at producing radiant energy, and do not waste energy on bow wave and heat wave as far as possible. Electromagnetism pulse is played can come true with groovy ram, dan Wei power is limited, the technology is sophisticated. The electromagnetism pulse of nuclear ram is played in the technology more mature instead, one hair can make in zone of a war all fighting the direct of the unit, communication, radar, fire accuses to wait completely invalidation, make possibly even car also commands systematic be no longer in force because of the electron and leave to be not moved. Such army is equal to demilitarizat长沙桑拿SN夜蒲狼友论坛ion. Form into columns to maritime naval ships same also. Such new idea nucleus plays how many aftereffect, economic sense is greater. The real power of Dan Xiaowei force and new idea nuke lacks traditional nucleus to explode more test data, need new nucleus to explode more the experiment comes test and verify. This is to compare inventory nucleus to play the thing with ageing more pressing management. 2019 end, the year report of American energy department points out, from 2020 money since year, american plan undertakes every year twice inferior critical nuclear test. The quantitative short of that this is material pointing to a nucleus is critical horizontal nuclear test, do not be in ” prohibit in the round nuclear test treaty ” prohibit in limits. Adopt data of experiment actual measurement and theoretical model, can bound extrapolate reachs Cong Yalin the condition of the real nuclear explosion that achieves chain reaction. Mathematical model is OK from rationalism derivation, but be assumed commonly the limitation of condition and academic structural frame, suitable scope is limited. Actual maths model decides structural frame of a model above all, can be the grey box model that sets out from theory, also can be the black box model that breaks away from physical phenomenon completely, but need ability of actual measurement data to decide model parameter accurately. Because any actual measurement data have an error, the accuracy of model parameter depends on the amount of actual measurement data and quality. Such experience model to already the traditional nucleus that observation goes to explodes OK and accurate estimation, it is applicable to having the ageing that the nucleus plays to examine so, but want extrapolate to be played to little power and new idea nucleus, not quite accurate. Telangpu does not like any treaty that restrain the United States, also like swashbuckling, get the result with bit of favorable find oneself, restore nuclear test to conduce to him feeling very strong. Basically do not have add to currently hold the post ofHe Jing to choose acceptance in face of in the right way of place of politics, economy, society now, in new coronal epidemic situation and black insurrection now, “The thing that get a point ” it is prescind force and the only way that win be reappointed consecutively. Below such big setting, the United States resumes nuclear test probably. Because congress does not have approval ” the whole people prohibits nuclear test treaty ” , theoretic beautiful national capital does not need to exit, do not cross the need for formally, likelihood or meeting advice-note U.N. and exit treaty. How does that China do? The United States restores nuclear test and the research and development that accelerate new idea nuke, it is serious challenge to China for certain, but it is greater opportunity to China. Once Taiwan Strait conflict erupts, aircraft carrier will become the United States to interfere brunt, such aircraft carrier of the Battle Force Zulu in thalassic war the good boy or girl friend that the fleet also is tactical nucleus blow, have here ” midway island ” date (go up left) , ” assault team member ” date (below left) , ” Luo Sifu ” date (on right) and ” the United States ” date (below right) aircraft carrier, add additionally ” state overcomes hill ” date (on) , ” Lai spy bay ” date (below) , ” Normandy ” date (be absent in the graph) cruiser and other naval shipsThe United States had undertaken 1000 for many times nuclear test, collected mass data. China had nuclear test 45 times only, as a result of the confine of the times, lag behind at the United States on the amount of data not only, also be less than American level possibly on quality. Before the autograph is made an appointment with finally in two years, what China experiments centrally is 5-9 10 thousand tons equivalent in low equivalent nucleus is played, it is 3000 tons for the last time, demonstrative China is in evil in filling low equivalent class, but time is insufficient. China also mastered inferior critical technology, but theoretical model needs ability of many test data to decide model parameter accurately, do not have inside this artful desirable. In those days China does not have a condition, although do not have ” prohibit in the round nuclear test treaty ” , china also the burden does not have more nuclear test. The circumstance differred now, the United States dare open a cut, perhaps Chinese nuclear test can compare the United States more frequency is close, go up in order to fill the problem with accurate insufficient data. China compares the United States in the demand of respect of research and development of new idea nuke agoger. On Asia-Pacific battlefield, martial base of the United States more concentration, once a few crucial base such as accept of Guam, fine hand, Digejiaxiya are destroyed, the Aiermengduofu that connects Pearl Harbor, Alaska even also is carried, add Pacific Ocean to go up a certain number of aircraft carrier forms into columns, the United States is imprinting too martial force basically calls damage. But ” the distance is diabolical ” also be same to China, over-distance Cheng blow always has cast send underweight issue, only fine hand accept is returned ” easy ” carry, the groovy ammunition with much husband enough come down in torrents should be being cheated in Guam, Pearl Harbor, Digejiaxiya, dust Er is not small challenge to China. But use small equivalent nucleus to strike blow of nucleus of new perhaps idea, the situation is different. Also be same to American fleet. China also has the problem that encounters small equivalent and blow of new idea nucleus, but mainland country after all district broad, depth is thick, fight blow capability is strong. In blow high power is changed, after over-distance Cheng is changed, the islands of direction of strategy of control of minority of support of capacity of traditional sea power and whole world of control wanting a place have the problem that combats blow ability inadequacy, so the nucleus hits small equivalent to change, new write or speak in abstract terms and actual combat are changed is advantageous to China. According to the report, china has had neutron bomb technology, but the position that electromagnetism pulse bombs is unidentified. China also does not have the report that open small equivalent nucleus plays. Nuclear policy of China is do not use the nuke, incorrect country that be not a nucleus to use nuclear weapon above all, but development and the established nucleus policy that develop small equivalent nuke and new idea nuke and China do not conflict. Strategy of basic country war is vigorous defense, the person does not make me I not convict, if the person makes me I need convict. This is not constrained inbreak at be being hit only the enemy of Chinese land, you dare hit me, I dare draw out your nest. But China does not have interest to expedition, enough also retaliation is nuclear strategy degree, to tactics so nuke does not take seriously on the history. This is correct on the history and effective nuclear strategy, but in reality, can consider to revise. Begin from Korea war, under the nuclear threat that China is in the United States. But must say, acting when whole cold war, beautiful Su Chong dash forward it is masterstroke, china is deputy line only. After cold war till 10 time before, the United States is enmeshed in one strong alone in big joyance, should not answer China too thing. Imperceptible in, chinese GDP gross has exceeded the United States 2/3, economy and system of science and technology are initial build, martial modernization is preliminary come true, the United States just wakes up to reality suddenly. China becomes American menace innocently, but an ignorant person is innocent, huai Bi its blame, the existence of powerful China is the menace to the United States, and have nothing to do with Chinese intent. China after to be in 5G respect acquires definitive leadership position, crisis feeling of the United States and urgent sense reach all-time height, had then a series of upgrade quickly dozen press and defy. The antagonism in the United States has become masterstroke, beautiful Russia makes deputy line instead. In any conflict, what the policymaker needs most is to be in attempt and accomplish nothing and restart be had between the earth enough and meticulous the choice that influences with administrative levels, this collective to avoiding destruction but the increase that strives for one’s own side is the biggest change crucial. In episode of galactic signal event, 58 blast embassy, china has strategic nucleus to retaliate ability, but the capacity that lacks more exquisite reciprocity to strike back, so very passive. Machine incident bumps in Nanhai in, the amlposition in the United States, be turn for the United States to lack quits backstroke capacity. In war of the trade in the beauty, telangpu gives heavy hand, bring to bear on substantially custom duty, because,China looks substantially favourable balance and the ammo is insufficient, but backstroke knife knife of China sees blood, force the United States to sit conference table, it is China is had enough and meticulous turn answered case with administrative levels. American nucleus strategy includes to be used above all all along nuke and hit with convention of nuke fight back, the United States also has adequate nuclear deterrent, have the nuclear war of apiration, capable to hit entire spectrum, whole arrangement. In the war in likely beauty, what cannot eliminate the United States to use dominant position of tactics of seek of small equivalent nuke above all is likely, china cannot passive ” see the nucleus restarts ” , need however enough and meticulous the method that the quits fight back that turns with administrative levels upgrades stage by stage even. Vigorous defense of China is mixed with land defence beat back inbreak enemy give priority to, this includes defend oneself to strike back. In the past, defend oneself strikes back confine is on border land, at most outside the condition a few, about a hundred kilometer. Now, the limits that defend oneself strikes back expanded, dare come to attack us person, the remotest corners of the earth, although far put to death surely. Small equivalent and new idea nuke are the need of vigorous defense, china does not wish nucleus armament race, but also not be afraid of a nucleus armament race. With computation of nominal rate of exchange, military expenditure investment of China still lags behind at the United States far. But military expenditure expenditure basically is domestic consumption, if be being calculated with purchasing power equivalence, china is right of the United States can compare military expenditure actually taller. China also has taller labor productivity and efficiency of research and development. Accordingly, sino-US military expenditure is put in a lever to compare actually. The United States is used to very preponderance, GDP increase rate is low, want armament race, china is not afraid of dozen of protracted battle. On the other hand, now Russia although national power be on the wane, but the attention to nuclear armament as before. What the United States is faced with is nuclear armament of China not only, have the nuclear armament of Russia more. This is with cold war times very not identical, increase armament race bur佛山300元沐足den of the United States doubly. The United States should maintain the absolutely dominant position to China in groovy armament respect, maintain the absolutely dominant position to Russia in nuclear armament respect even, want to give an ingenious military move in small equivalent and respect of new idea nuke again now, incur China also nucleus of be involved in armament race, challenge world consensus not only, still will be court destruction. Grading records this note recentlyHazisis1Gold coin+ 4Hair post is painstaking! 2020-6-16 20:00