Liberation army opportunity for combat 11 days 7 enter intermediary of Taiwan southwest stage: Compress depth of stage air defence[Zhang Tian of round-the-world times reporter goes] stage ” general headquarters of the air force ” say 21 days, detect obtains liberation army annihilate that day midday – 10 opportunity for combat are brief enter Taiwan southwest airspace, outside eliminating broadcast report an emergency, whole journey of opportunity for combat of stage detect make one’s rounds masters, and drive leaves should be in. Taiwan combines news network to say, “This is nearly 11 days come, in all machine enter air defence of my southwest airspace the 7th degree to identify an area ” . Stage ” central company佛山瑞安花园夜生活网 ” say 21 days, cease according to open letter, this is liberation army opportunity for c佛山桑拿飞机网0757ombat 9 days since the 7th degree enters Taiwan so called ” area of air defence identifying ” , also be liberation army military plan circles a stage the 14th degree this year, “Recently 6 days besides 20 days besides, the others all has 5 days in all machine airspace of periphery of Taiwan showing trace ” . Occupy close green media additionally ” free times ” report, also scout of P-8A of an U.S. Army is in at that time this airspace activity. Stage ” foundation of national policy research ” the analysis before this weighs Jie Zhong of advanced assistant researcher, liberation army air force decides morning ” expedition air force ” after transition, bus channe2020广州桑拿夜蒲l already became liberation army systematize the military strength in sky is entered on the west Pacific is important air corridor; Aggrandizement is right ” channel central line ” Na Duan and stage ” area of air defence identifying ” the palm of airspace accuses near southwest corner, make the significant move that the liberation army ensures flank of north of this air corridor is safe. Accordingly, whether will be the liberation army headed for through normalization of opportunity for combat in the future, progressively implementation is right inside this airspace effective monitoring, compress depth of stage a佛山桑拿按摩论坛飞机网ir defence further even, force stage army from shrink inside the direction of airspace face Taiwan of detect make one’s rounds at present, the boreal flank that replaces this air corridor strives for more and safe depth, be worth to pay close attention to closely. Grading records this note recentlyHazisis1Go佛山js论坛ld coin+ 3Hair post is painstaking! 2020-6-23 18:13