A conceal legend hero of 10 years: Keep 6 words immediately before one’s death, die 31 years to just be made public the identity”Acupuncture point of Qian Hu of disregard of safety, utter devotion is people “During World War II, information battle is called by common people ” the war that does not have smoke of gunpowder ” , but the risk factor of information battle, exceedingly tall however. Period of World War II, the special agent of each countries to get i广州龙凤网nformation, permeate each other, want to come down to be able to rely on oneself only alive in enemy’s rear area, and once these secret service are discovered, escape hard to die, and than dying more bloodcurdling is the trial measure that all sorts of differring, once be captured, meeting by inflict all sorts of penalty, do not have sturdy belief and psychokinesis to cannot hold on at all, this kind should be compared dead more afflictive, n佛山zj最新amely so called unripe be inferior to dead. Grandchildren strategics says: “The bosom friend tells the other, ability 100 battle do not danger ” , and ” bosom friend ” with ” tell the other ” compare, “Tell the other ” more important. And opposite is dead the adversary of photograph enemy, this one is most important, two army right war and when battle force is equal, if can know the tendercy of enemy, that follows the result that masters a war about the same. 1993, announced to concealment the identity of battlefront secret service, the name is called Yan Youwen, do not have strange name flatly, having extraordinary experience however. Yan Youwen is Fu Zunyi’s secretary, insider of if it were not for encounters his son, his secret service identity concealments forever went down. Clique of two army each other lies this kind of thing is in the bottom period of war of liberation is too common, for example the army word station of national army is to be in charge of national army make known to lower levels fighting the place of the instruction, the microphone of the Jiang Jieshi that be called. But, in the army word terminal of Nanjing, in every case is the person that go to work, one calculates, almost all is my army lie bottom. . Thing of this kind of strange flower is in too much at that time too much, what does national army have to command we know, yan can be indefectible, now this Yan Youwen that the day should tell is national army boss to trust namely, persuade boss successfully to return again fall. Enemy’s rear area fightsYan Youwen recieved orders 1939 ministry of Hong Kui of horse of conceal northwest warlord, advance army teach turns to make justice department after, yan Youwen is valued by Fu Zunyi very much because of style of writing, discover two people or fellow-townsman unexpectedly a little later, fu Zunyi and Yan Youwen feel like old friends at the first meeting, very fast Yan Youwen is moved to the side of oneself by F佛山桑拿按摩论坛飞机网u Zunyi, almost with Fu Zunyi always together. In June 1946, peaceful east battle begins, fu Zunyi ministry connects Zhan Liansheng, arrived September, was to razzia one after another more Zhuo Zishan, collect is peaceful, abundant town, spearhead points to me continuously the mouth of Zhang Jia of the biggest city with occupational area of Dang Zaihua north… and peaceful east the brains that the victory of battle appeared to develop Fu Zunyi, he looks for Yan Youwen, let him write ” an official call to arms ” , and the key is those who scold it is better to jump over firm. Right now Fu Zunyi very headache, how is knowing this good, yan’an of plead on sb’s behalf, final Yan’an instruction 肇庆夜生活网is, bold go writing, write it is better to jump over firm, had better let Fu Zunyi more get dizzy with success, finally this ” an official call to arms ” the victory that also brings this battle. Go canvassing Fu ZunyiAfter a lot of years, mention again this thing, luo Qing grew to still evaluate Yan Youwen, say: Yan Youwen’s information, avoid to field army of my China north sufferred bigger loss to have main effect. This battle passed a few years again afterwards, counterattacked to had begun in the round, national army keeps on retreating, basis of right now Yan Youwen as it happens situation, persuaded F广州桑拿网蒲友论坛u Zunyi, the ministry puts in final Fu Zunyi ‘s charge fall, do not expend one gun to be played gained a victory. Be in afterwar the identity that did not make public Yan Youwen, that also is the course is cogitative. Him Yan Youwen is clear also, had not said oneself experience to anybody so, include to experience, so that died on September 25, 1962 when stay to family: “Have a thing, look for an organization ” when words of the deceased, they do not understand is what meaning. Grading records this note recentlyHazisis1Gold coin+ 3Hair post is painstaking! 2020-6-13 20:02