Does China need not to need to add nuclear weapon after all? 1, Hu Xijin chief editor puts forward, china should increase nuclear warhead 1000 above, east wind 41 increase 100 above. Reuter reporter ever enquired spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs technically with respect to this problem, but did not get the front is responded to, the spokesman suggests he goes chatting with Hu Xijin. I see a few so called army accused an expert to express different opinion to this, sina net also sent a few military affairses the article from media, also offerred different opinion. A lot of people may not understand, hu Xijin make this kind of appeal, be by no means blood comes to a popular feeling to be lifted wetly. With Hu Xijin current position is mixed can the information of bring into contact with, he makes this kind of appeal, have and only one is plant likelihood — the high level been consideringing this issue seriously, and probable meeting puts into effect. 2, discussion nuke, from the angle of idealism, it is a kind of distress of course. Such one is killed greatly implement, it is bodeful for certain content. But if consider from realistic point of view, the truth is only inside the cannon-shot limits of cannon, this also is the method that does not have method. The mankind enters 21 centuries, basically the law that interiorly of almost all country implemented certain level, besides seldom counting unsuccessful state, if somebody is on the ave,with fist big, effort grabs a thing greatly, can be handled by the police, the existence of national machine, make human society cast off naked jungly law. But at this late hour, international society is done not have however ” super state machine ” existence. From go up somehow for, international society still is jungly law is in effective. 2003, the United States says Iraq is had large-scale kill and wound sexual weapon, without accredit of U.N. Security Council, started a war. The United States overthrew Sa to amount to Mu political power, iraq whole country turns violent conflict in ceaseless situation, but also did not discover to finally so called large-scale kill and wound sexual weapon. Was the United States punished accordingly? Did it apologize for this? Did not have. Before a few years, the United States undertakes hitting to Syria again, on the international meeting that discusses Syrian issue in, him Syria the ambassador can work outside the assembly room only however waiting. This one act, the Chinese is not unfamiliar. In those days, one afterwar, doesn’t Parisian peace conference treat China so namely? Weak country does not have diplomacy, this is the thing that does not have method. Tell from this angle, china increases a nuclear deterrent, not be the issue that you do not consider, however by force of the situation, you do not want to also do not have the thing of method. 3, during cold war, beautiful Su Zaiquan spreads out ground fringe politics to compete inside ball limits, bilateral conflict is ceaseless, started the procuratorial war that all sorts of dimensions differ even, dan Meisu both sides had not produced shooting war first and last. Is this why? Not be they have how to have deep love for peace, know clearly because of them however, if shooting war happens between them, once upgrade to nuclear war, both sides has destroy national danger, have even complete mankind the risk that enters nuclear winter even. Create peace, always not be pair of peace have deep love for, occasionally, to the fear of annihilative war, also can keep peace in certain period. 4, after cold war ends, russia have a fracture, national power e佛山大塘夜生活bbs quickly, the United States is right also Russia step by step press hard on, but when Russia annex black overcame Lankelimiya 2014 when the area, be incited all the time before this and support Wukelan to return the western country of Russian politics force, besides punish, also dare not start work directly with Russia really. Russia although 1/8 what economy is less than China only, but the deterrence power of the strategic nuke of Russia is a lot of greater than China however. Additional, russia the sort of occupied dare follow you desperately firm is powerful, also let the west have some of fear very much. Of course, russia fights this kind for oneself ethical disposition, also sufferred, western punish did not remove completely up to now. Before Telangpu appears on the stage, american politics elite is to be hated again to Russia be afraid of again. 5, but the United States faces China, do not have this kind to hate the psychology that is afraid of again again however, more it is psychology feels primely, it is the bring shame on of unbridled, attack. In other words, the United States is afraid of China far from. Tell the truth, take power of groovy military affairs only for, where can be Russia compared with Chinese photograph today. Make the United States right Russia ” have in hate be afraid of ” the nuclear force that is Russia, and t佛山按摩论坛0757最新hat firm of Russia is powerful. Chinese just is measured in nuclear force and firm is powerful go up, can not accomplish make the United States true fear. 6, the United States is not afraid of China not only, and eat allowed Chinese whole country to lie ” will strong not strong ” special period, undertake defiant ceaselessly. The United States is in the doing on prob佛山瑞安花园夜生活网lem of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Nanhai, it is special bully person actually too very. China for strategic overall situation, should bear bore. Be in Sino-US below the case that makes impossibly truly, chinese depressed tone increases the amount of nuke and quality, a kind of response that provokes to the United States namely actually — you are OK do sth over and over again, but you should force the person really urgent, spell a life to come, you also do not live. 7, we do not expect new cold war comes truly, we also do not hope Sino-US and true unhook, but want Telangpu to be in only the White House one day, the risk of Sino-US cold war and unhook is actual existence. Should listen only special the military affairs of Lang Puceng classics the word of class farming, and commerce is advisory Nawaluo’s word, you know, they are to think scalp China really, their animosity to China and bias, already thorough and medullary, have impossibly in them unripe year have any changes. This is reality, china is to sit over to waiting for Telangpu change one’s views, develop oneself nuclear deterrent solidly still, for worst circumstance ready-made? The answer is not character is axiomatic. 8, today, the atmosphere of American capital Washington is already special and bad, let a person see really in those days the shadow of the Mccarthyism. Today, in chorus of guest of two party card is turned over China, the media that had arrived to do not have any reason, expert dares to defend publicly for China and need not consider to be atttacked. Telangpu and McCarthy are same, it is incendiary home, but Telangpu is a president, incendiary sex, ruinous stronger. CNN has reported, telangpu is incendiary those who rise turn over China mood, the likelihood needs generation person to come close. Perhaps some day, look back on, can discover this is Telangpu is opposite Sino-US relation, right what world history development commits is the biggest ” evildoing ” . 9, Sino-US need not take this one step completely actually. Want in those days, after 911 incident, sino-US in fear the collaboration on the problem instead, appear even the picture that bush-administration restrains Chen Shuibian not to make trouble. Go to again later, be in office in small Bush evening and times of abstruse Ba Ma, sino-US in answer problem of nucleus of problem of nucleus of change of financial crisis, climate, Korea, Iran to go up, once had had fruitful collaboration. Sino-US leader is in in take a walk below Nanhai month, be a kind of how rare appearance. But after Telangpu appears on the stage, sino-US make trade war, for China had fight of science and technology to be hit again. Be in at present under epidemic 佛山沐足网站situation, think all over the world Sino-US when should cooperating most, what Telangpu thinks of is to swing boiler however, censure China. 10, if say the truth is in only the word inside the cannon-shot limits of cannon, sino-US relation of future, inside the range that t2020广州桑拿夜蒲he truth can reach in actual strength only. China is more powerful, maintain bloodcurdling balance more likely. China is no good more, similar bomb embassy, Nanhai bumps machine such dangerous incident happens more likely. American comes from nationality case say, it is to advocate of actual strength. You are powerful really, he refuses to obey you, but also meet dread you. But if you are no good really, he is remained only to you despised. Because oppose ideologically, china should let American respect, it is impossible almost inside a few years, but China passes ceaseless development economy, enhance martial actual strength, let American dread possibly however. Unite even the nation in China when wanting to see American look, chinese nuke is not too much for certain, can be too little only. P.S. On human history, peace is a kind of unusual appearance, normal of and rather than. Sino-US between both neither can have cold war, cannot have shooting war more, had better be ” chess battle ” (Jin Canrong language) . Both sides places respective actual strength to bright face, push through arms chess act, let both sides dare not take a risk, shrink back from difficulties, this ability is best result. But China should have with the United States ” chess battle ” capital. The first, want to do away with ambiguous to the strategy superstition, the country develops certain level, you are hiding assist to wear again, also already no point. The 2nd, you should have what can be placed to chessboard ” big guy ” . Can forecast, china adds nuclear weapon next is final issue, but China adds nuclear weapon, not be to start nuclear war, do not use these nuclear weapon forever to will come however. Grading records this note recentlyHazisis1Gold coin+ 4Hair post is painstaking! 2020-5-16 18:12