Stage intermediary: Liberation army opportuni佛山桑拿论坛佛山蒲友论坛ty for combat is garrisoned always heat reef or delimit set Nanhai air defence to identify an areaWill report on May 14 according to Taiwan media, the satellitic photograph that video company publishs at 13 days shows Israel international satellite, the liberation army is empty alarm – 500 early-warning plane (KJ-500) reach go for nothing – 200 antisubmarine plane (KQ-200) had garrisoned Nanhai always heat reef. Military plan of liberation army of analysis of expert of stage military affairs is garrisoned Nanhai, or with delimit set Nanhai air defence to identify an area to concern. Video company’s newest satellite picture shows Israel international satellite, empty alarm – 500 early-warning plane and sky go – 200 antisubmarine plane are moved from inside garage aircraft parking area. The expert guesses, the likelihood is with ne广州桑拿夜生活论坛ar future U.S. Army the action in Nanhai is concerned. Expert of stage military affairs, " new Jiang Jian " before Lv Lishi of captain of a naval ship expresses on facial book, go for nothing – 200 antisubmarine plane are to cooperate to will pass Gong Guhai on April 10 gorge, 12 days pass through bus channel, enter Nanhai Liaoning naval vessel aircraft carrier battle group. He expresses, the 052D missile destroyer in battle group of naval vessel of liberation army Liaoning or 054A missile frigate have deploy 311 model advoca广州佛山桑拿论坛te / sonar of passive daggle array, have return potential power. Go for nothing – of 200 antisubmarine plane garrison reflective liberation army returns potential power to Nanhai outspread. As to empty alarm – of 500 early-warning plane garrison, lv Lishi thinks, it is to who be after all early-warning, point to a canal for who, at present unknown, but strategy of American wisdom library and international research center (CSIS) maritime and transparent proposal organizes the Asia (AMTI) the satellitic photograph that published in June 2016 shows, always the air conditioning equipment that the upper part of garage of head of Nanhai islands runway such as heat reef佛山桑拿论坛07570757 sees dehu佛山禅城百元巷子midify drop in temperature, the deploy that already showed fighter plane is delimiting early beforehand in, “Nanhai air defence identifies an area ” delimit setting is sooner or later thing. Stage " the country installs a director " Qiu Guozheng expressed in Taiwan legislative a few days ago, according to before the mainland delimits set air defence of the East China Sea to identify area program, the mainland besides already was in Nanhai be valid base point delimits set, also set ” ward of 3 sanded city ” , because this sentences next phase to be about to delimit in Nanhai fortify sky identifies an area beforehand, but had not delimited at present set, stage ” the country is installed bureau ” in paying close attention to continuously. Grading records this note recentlyHazisis1Gold coin+ 2Hair post is painstaking! 2020-5-16 18:11