37 degrees of calorific underwear are a kind of material develops the condition that sucks tide to give out heat, the bibulous capacity of structure of this chemical thread member with garment has very big correlation, we ought to want the operation method of gar广州夜网

ment of of advertent endothermic reaction, prevent to bring about the skin to give hypersensitive state. Garment of endothermic reaction is chemical fiber moisture absorption gives out heat be in subsequently the effect of exothermic reaction, the health of body and mind that affects bosom not easily is below all regular state, the haemal flow of goods that still can promote bosom and fluid of its derive sweat.

What is calorific underwear actually ” new science and technology ” . As a result of no matter what be material can give out heat according to sucking tide. Chemical fiber sucks wet calorific principle is when chemistry fiber is digested when drawing water share, structure of chemical thread member kisses water radical group and oxygen element confluence mediumly, the mechanical energy of oxygen element decreases, additionally commutation is released for the sources of energy. Suck wet calorific character and chemical fiber regain to have very big correlation commonly, it is good that chemical fibrous regain sucks wet calorific character greatly more, regain is small suck current calorific and characteristic difference, for example it is exceedingly good that fiber of abb cloth with soft nap, Mo Daier absorbs wet calorific effect, and the suction of cloth of general polyamide fibber, dacron is wet calorific and practical effect is weaker.

And fibrous of chemistry of far infrared ray is calorific the method is first endothermic reaction again exothermic reaction. It digests absorption kinetic energy to have 2 kinds: One kind is the kinetic energy in environment, ; waits outside the visibility light in the sun, infra-red induction, Yuan Gong for example the heat of the heat that another kind of kinetic energy is environment and body itself. Fiber of chemistry of far infrared ray is digested outside Cheng Yuangong can changing his after drawing this kind of kinetic energy again radiation gives the body, finish body heating then. “Lubricious intense hopes ” it is polyamide fibber of the radioactivity outside a kind of Yuan Gong, it is one kind applies outstanding spinning technical the raw material that in adding grain of pottery and porcelain of the radioactivity outside Yuan Gong to fiber of polyamide fibber chemistry, obtains.

Have do not give out heat at fibrous of chemistry of far infrared ray fundamental, pyroelectricity material for example Outlast raw material, below the circumstance that transforms when outside work temperature, this kind of raw mat南漳微信小程序开发

erial can produce a change, melt as ice become water, water is caky change ice is same. Rise when outside work temperature, it melts as ice like becoming water, meet if endothermic reaction; is exterior working temperature decreases, it can condense, be equal to water again caky change ice, consequently it is met again exothermic reaction. Accordingly it is a kind double accuse lukewarm raw material. Raw material produces the standard of the change to set relatively severe exacting, change category is relatively narrow, only inside opposite temperature limits, for example cold when heating up certain level in other words to certain level, pyroelectricity material just can have effect.