When everybody defecate giving has appear unusual when, want the disease that advertent stomach bowel produces commonly, be aimed西安夜生活论坛

at the disease of the generation in bowel, can choose to be checked first again the method of cure in order to make clear the type of disease, and of colonic lens check means application relatively extensive, without be fond of colonic lens is to show nowadays technical the improvement that go up, can let a patient there was not pain when making an inspection, mere patient is in admit check moment to have abdominal distension state, need careful cure to protect.

After be being checked without lens pain bowel, must notice

After alvine lens is checked common problem

Alvine lens checks average patient to be able to feel abdominal distension, also one part patient can give the state of abdominal secret anguish. If feel abdominal distension merely, the proposal develops proper activity, in that way delay reduces disease. It is not OK to be like mobile patient, clockwise of proposal travel abdomen is cricoid massage, come out in order to drive abdominal distension platoon. Follow the doctor’s advice when necessary travel anus is in charge of exhaust. If abdominal pain is sharp, should report immediately doctor.

Take puncture vivid check or you are asked to be sure lie in bed rests after cyst report excises art, excessive does not move inside 3 days, do not do baric clyster to check. Prevent to weigh energy activity inside two weeks. After cyst report excises art, need hospitalization commonly and diet 1-2 day, accord vein makes an a bit. To blood of the pus that do not have a platoon, when the state is satisfactory can be in hospital.

Check without lens pain bowel after上海夜网

ending 2 hours, can dine reach water, the person that treat below lens of a branch needs diet and even hospitalization view to check, doctor of this kind of thing can be explained with the patient. After alvine lens is checked, a lot of patients also have abdominal distension, connect haunt closet vent-pipe (put smelly fart) hind reduce. Cure becomes below alvine lens, also can appear to pass haemorrhage behindhand, main show is n/med having blood in one’s stool, need is advertent, at any time and place go to a doctor.

Bellyacke, abdominal distension after waiting for disease subsidise, can dine, water, take as far as possible stream feed, wait like fish of rice congee, fresh water, avoid tall fiber and excitant food.

If you appear suddenly after lens examination or cure inside sharp abdominal pain, need to hasten at this moment contact doctor, with cleared enteron the disease such as perforation sends disease, bellyacke of convulsion of bowel of natural some stomach is remarkable also, but anyhow, in digest inside lens is checked or goes out after cure suddenly sharp abdominal pain is be sure to immediately contact medical personnel.