Often breathe not free, do not pant to go up, it is problem of a kind of relatively global health of body and mind, this kind of problem is in a few suffer from on source of lung disease, heart disease disease, blood is venereal disease, spirit is venereal in disease and its toxic group, it is relatively general. Different inspiratory anguish, have different semiotic show, need uses different kind to develop cure. Below, solve breath for our detailed not the reason of free!

One, lobar source sex breathes not free

Become ill to cause by acoustic generator official, incorporate is below 3 kinds of mea广州夜网


1, breathing sex breathes not free: Main show cries to breathe heavily, the nest on the bladebone when breath, clavicle and dent of costal region space, 3 sunken proof. See more at larynx, tracheal stricture, wait like inflammation, oedema, eyewinker and tumour.

2, breathing sex breathes not free: Breath increases, accompany Shi Luoyin, common at bronchus asthma and block sex pneumonia.

3, mix model breath not free: Common change at fiber of pneumonic, lung, a lot of thorax accumulate fluid, pneumothorax to wait.

2, heart source sex breathes not free



See Yuzun heart failure causes oedema of lung of heart source sex more, its are clinical medicine is characteristic:

1, the patient has more serious heart medical history.

2, show mix model breath not free, smooth lie reach evening is remarkable.

3, the end end lung can give sound of medium, small wet gong, follow a pose and transform.

4, X line examination: Heart shadow has appear unusual change; Lung and circumjacent haematoma or hold the oedema that provide lung concurrently to ask for.

3, toxic side-effect breathes not free

The metabolization sex sick at heart that various reason causes is toxic, all can make the carbon dioxide in blood rises, PH decreases, effect of excitant jugular organic chemistry implement or instantly excited breath centre, promote inspiratory take a breath the volume, main show is deep and big breath not free; Inspiratory delay gets together the agent is like tranquillizer, barbitone kind etc toxic when, also can control breathing center, make inspiratory shallow and slow.

4, hematic source sex breathes not free

Danger weighs disease anaemia to be able to decrease because of red blood cell, oxygen chroma is insufficient and cause lose heart, show theatrical work with mobile hind especially; When internal haemorrhage or shock be short of courage and uprightness and blood pressure easily to reduce, excitant breathe centre and cause breath not free.

5, nerve nerve sex and myapathies sex breathe not free

Disease of ministry of head of danger serious illness if skull of encephalitis, head injures tumor of accident, brain to wait to be invaded instantly reach breathing center, discover unusual inspiratory pattern, cause breath not free; Faint danger elephant causes serious illness flesh inspiratory flesh is paralytic, cause more serious breath not free; In addition, hysteria disease also can have breath not free comes on, its character is inspiratory and apparent frequency fast, simple table, because inspiratory sex is alkaline land toxic disease of Ru of Chu of foot of constant companion conveniently.