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er with double eye, often bring about eye exhaustion easily in common dispute, if double eye of not advertent care and maintenance gets a word, dispute often causes myopia easily, and possible also meeting creates double look give disease, we divide the double eye that should have protected our usually, return the double eye that can protect oneself according to a few medicines and chemical reagents, what does good to double eye Chinese traditional medicine have?

What does good to double eye Chinese traditional medicine have?

Mother-of-pearl Qing Dynasty heats up reduce internal heat

Mother-of-pearl is lateen sail of mussel division puppy mussel, the pearl shell of mussel of plait grain coronal or pearl shell of Martens of pearl testacean animal.

Sexual flavour returns classics: Salty, cold, put in a heart ‘s charge, liver classics.

Mother-of-pearl has the effect of clear hot reduce internal heat, agree with on cure irascibility phlogistic cause eye bare gall, blind of pleasant empty sparrow, eye is dark punch-drunk wait for disease.


Mother-of-pearl 20 grams, huang Ju spends 5 grams, medlar 9 grams, material of will all Chinese traditional medicine is put into the bubble in water to take together, everyday 1 agent. Eyesight of cure of this square appropriate in order to drops, the disease such as eyestrain.

Huang Ju spends easy liver Qing Dynasty to look

Yellow chrysanthemum belongs to the capitulum doing impetuous of composite greenery chrysanthemum. The medicinal material machines means by country of origin and production in different, cent becomes Bo chrysanthemum, chu chrysanthemum, gong Ju, hang Ju.

Sexual flavour returns classics: Laborious, pleasant, bitter, unripe cold, put in lung ‘s charge, liver classics.

Yellow chrysanthemum has the effect that easy liver Qing Dynasty looks, much in order to reduces wind of liver classics chill to heat up, or irascibility is pulled go up the disease such as caused eye bare gall.


Gan Ju is beautiful, selfheal, the rhizome of chuanxiong, virgin soil is yellow, the root of herbaceous peony each 15 grams, violet the root of red-rooted salvia, medlar each 30 grams, in putting capable person of all Chinese traditional medicine into household utensils, add cold water to invade bubble 15 minutes Zuo , in taking transfer to a lower level to eat the boiler that turn on the water, burn, except miscellaneous take juice to reserve, what filter drops is residual add measurable water to burn Zuo again, divide miscellaneous it is OK to take juice, the medical juice to be taken orally of first time decoct, daily 1 agent, cent is taken 2 times, the medical juice that the 2nd times decoct makes is used at foot of hot water bubble, daily early in late each 1. Eye of this square can reasonable cure is fatigue.

Definitely eye of Qing Dynasty of pine torch tea falls blood pressure

Definitely pine torch tea is pulses definitely bright or small definitely bright dry impetuous perfects Er child.

Sexual flavour returns classics: Pleasant, bitter, salty, unripe cold. Put in liver ‘s charge, kidney, small intestine classics.

Definitely pine torch tea has clear hot relieve inflammation or fever, promote digest, fall the action of blood pressure. Common heat up eye bare at liver, chill wind heats up eye bare, kidney deficiency of vital energy, eye is dark punch-drunk, the disease such as alvine dry constipation. Return besides common at cure liver Yang Shangkang hypertension.


Definitely pine torch tea 30 grams, honeysuckle tea, hangju spends each 15 grams, develop tone edible with boiled water, daily 1, this just is beneficial to clear eye to fall blood pressure.



Magnet Qing Dynasty of acute hearing ear looks

Magnet comes from metallic oxide kind mineral pointed spar a group of things with common features hematite, advocate contain 4 oxidation 3 iron.

Sexual flavour returns classics: Salty, cold, put in a heart ‘s charge, liver, lienal classics.

Magnet has Qing Dynasty of acute hearing ear to look, qian Yangan god aids Mian, pay morale stops the action such as asthma, the deaf tinnitus that Qing Dynasty of tie-in method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood looks officinal value is caused at deficiency of vital energy of kidney of take good care of sb, look; waiting for disease returns the excessive on this world of liver of in order to besides, dizzy, liver Yang Zhen swings, fretted and disturbed, insomnious much dream,


Magnet () of forge vinegar a gathering of things or people, the Wang Ge of electric tone 100 grams, Chang is arenaceous 50 grams, agalloch eaglewood wood 25 grams, material of will all Chinese traditional medicine grinds powder, the water of king end air that uses electric sound additionally is thick boil burnt bolus, be like Chinese parasol child big, every time 30 bolus, empty stomach, saline boiling water is swallowed. Hard of hearing of this square can reasonable cure, eyesight issues demote disease.