General situation issues canthus inside leave not easily from height, if the canthus inside our a priori is relatively narrow, we are the canthus outside needing to be begun. Cut double-fold eyelid needs us to choose the hairdressing inn that relies on chart to begin an operation to treat relatively, and above canthus is unusual appearance easy meeting causes pigment ad cool-headed, the cure after we ought to want advertent art protects way, clarity should be checked below the case that opens the corner of the eye subsequently, preventing the facial form that follows oneself not agree with.

The odds that canthus opens from height inside is relatively little.

Attend a meeting canthus to be born

After above canthus operation, actually quick meeting gives birth to canthus inside, because go up,palpebral oneself is area of a mucous membrane, according to the characteristic of mucous membrane, it can be born quickly. But did not do the person that opens the corner of the eye to be able to be born certainly, this basically is the level that sees the corner of the eye and decide. Special one part person feels above canthus operation has practical effect, the pigment that basically is cut is ad cool-headed those who cause. And in fact, eyelid did not have on be magnified how much be, feel above canthus operation has the girl of practical effect very much, it is the misunderstanding that is aimed at canthus to have a beauty nevertheless just.

Above canthus operation should choose cautiously

everybody can not become above canthus operation, because drive the congenital alveolus abnormal with the appropriate only and real group of canthus patient,this is, a few more unfavorable the person that facial features scale compares good pursuit beauty. If facial features scale is basic accord with 3 front courtyard the 5 person that beg the United States, Zuo is not to listen to a doctor to persuade did above canthus operation, that Zuo can destroy oneself in that way 5 gold breaks up 3 front courtyard scale, cause a piece of whole face to look from side, eyelid gets on for temporal position on, can look very undeserved in that way like that. Consequently, the proposal wants to do the person beg the United States of above canthus operation, it is before operation cure, see oneself first whether already accord with 3 front courtyard 5 occupy than, if be gold already,break up scale, so do not suggest operation of redo above canthus.

The advantage of above canthus operation and defect


Open canthus to be able to correct the problem; that scroll of double eye of congenital alveolus patient becomes warped on short, canthus

Open canthus to be able to pull eyelid of patient of wide congenital alveolus to crack significantly, make nose becomes tall, look look is slender deep and remote beauty.


After above canthus operation very easy inside canthus stays have scar, and between scar rehabilitate longer, it is commonly after 3-6 month not remarkable;

Canthus operation destroyed above to go up the construction of palpebral extraordinary, in case repair more difficult; not successfully

The possibility after above canthus operation arises sticky connect and contract, it prevents hard.

Open canthus to abstain from group

1, spirit manages unusual or purposely obstacle.

2, have bleed the disease of incline to and hypertensive disease, the active sex that reachs the organ of crucial human body such as its heart, lung, liver, kidney and the patient that send venereal disease especially, not pilot is diabetic with the person that contract infection.

3, congenital amblyopia, inside eye or outside eye, eye ministry has the urgent, infection that overflow a gender the disease is not controlled with the person that cure.

4, all normal eyelid crack dimension, accord with 3 front courtyard the 5 person that beg the United States, the person does not suit to become above canthus operation.

After opening canthus operation how cure is protected repair is faster

1, 7 days of less than after the operation reduce an operation to treat an unit to touch water as far as possible.

2, ensure operation cure position clears, avoid to affect. If have above cut scabby or cent needs content, can detect with asepsis salt water is swabbed.

3, can wrap up to partial cut pressurization after art or use medical ice bag puts apply

on the ice, but actuating pressure does not suit big, damage double eye in case. Once operation hind arises bleed more than with more serious abscess, answer to check to hospital outpatient service instantly.

4, recuperate of the Ying Qingjing after the operation, teleplay need not look inside 2 weeks. The press. When lie in bed rests, had better be to lie partly, in case double eye strain excessive or head position is too small and aggravate cut is bloated.

5, the operation is treated cut was met that day a few ache, but alleviate slowly. The patient need not eat agog stop ache piece, as a result of aspirin kind medicine is met aggravate cut bleeds.

6, prevent to dine contain excitant food, because contain excitant food,meeting influence arrives on the rehabilitate of palpebral cut.

7, carry out strictly advocate knife doctor exhorts take medicine reach check, close together view investigates operation of the canthus outside enlarge the following rehabilitate.